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How engaged are your employees?

Engaged employees are interested, informed, involved, and inspired.

Who do you think is responsible to create and maintain a culture of engagement? A culture is a set of beliefs and values that drive organizational norms of behavior.

According to Gallup, engaged employees ...

  • Don’t often let problems become an excuse for inaction or destroy their ability to perform.

  • Focus on their strengths and don't spend too much time trying to do what does not come naturally to them.

  • Independently and proactively try to improve their engagement rather than expecting someone else to engage them.

  • Take accountability for their performance instead of blaming others when things don't go as they want.

On a scale of 1 (not at all) thru 10 (highly), how engaged are your employees? Assuming your organization would like to enhance and leverage a culture of engagement to improve your medium-to-long-term performance and organizational health (your ability to align, execute, and renew itself over time).

  • What does your organization need to stop doing? Why?

  • What does your organization need to start doing? Why?

  • What does your organization need to keep and accelerate doing? Why?

  • What does your organization need to just accept doing ... because you are not ready to change it? Why?

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